Amy (joint problems)





Dear Anifit team,

It's time for me to say something positive about ANIfit products.

As soon as I open the product packaging, i.e. the tin can, I get a pleasant smell. Even the appearance of the various food products does NOT make me shudder. I can feed my dog ladies, Cleo and Amy, French Bullies aged 1 1/2 and 11, the SAME product. It is suitable for senior and young active dogs. Counting calories is taboo AND the older dog's stomach problems are also greatly reduced.

The Gelenkfit tablet also serves us well. It is well known that Bully can have joint problems. My two can also "bark along". I now regularly give them an ANIfit joint tablet with their food and their mobility has stabilised well. You can see a certain lightness in their gait. The PRO coat care spray has also been in use for a short time. We have been able to reduce paw licking with the spray and the nervous scratching on the belly has also been reduced. Finally, a word of praise for Mrs Polat, with whom we had the trial tasting. She took her time and explained the composition of the products to us in detail. We are glad to have got to know ANIfit.

I wish you all continued success.

With kind regards and vigorous barking
Gisela Gatzweiler and Bully "Amy".

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