Paw Balm (Pfotenbalsam) Protects and cares for the paws

Paw Balm (Pfotenbalsam) 100 ml (1 Piece)
Paw Balm (Pfotenbalsam) 100 ml (1 Piece)
Paw Balm (Pfotenbalsam) 100 ml (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 100 ml
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We all know that the skin is subject to extreme stress in cold and wet conditions. This is especially true of our pets who walk about outside without any protection for their paws.


The benefits of Anifit Paw Balm are twofold:


A fine protective layer, formed by the delicate Anifit Paw Balm, protects your pet’s sensitive paws from the harsh conditions of the outdoors during winter. Snow, salt and grit often accumulate in gaps between the balls of the feet and result in areas of abrasion which could lead to inflammation.


The paws are treated with active nutrients to ensure that they remain hydrated allowing for rapid regeneration. The skin does not become dry or irritated. Damaged areas are treated with care.


  • with beeswax and propolis
  • purely natural nutrients
  • free from colourings
  • free from preservatives.
  • pharmaceutical quality



Rub into the paws before and after a walk.



Liquid paraffin, paraffin (solid), petroleum, lanolin, cera alba (beeswax), copernicia cerifera cera, alcohol, propolis cera (= propolis from bees)


Product information

100 ml tin


Paraffinum Liquidum, Paraffin (Paraffinum Solidum), Petrolatum, Lanolin, Cera Alba (= Bienenwachs), Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Alcohol, Propolis Cera (= Propolis von Bienen)

Feeding recommendation

Vor und nach dem Spaziergang einmassieren.


Dose mit 100 ml

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